Rabu, 20 Juni 2012

One Step Ahead !



First, i said Thanks for Allah SWT, my new Label "Boombox Collection" Insya Allah will be build a boutique at (Still Secret now) :p .. certainly in one Mall at Bandung . i chase the targer on Ramadhan soon . And i hope all will be so well .

im so proud to my sweety, he always support for my activities, im so glad, happy and comfort together with him. i should make he Proudly for everything. he always give everything soo .

i dunno.. im dont have many word for him(ADITYA) , for me .. u are my everything better than my mom and daddy.

for my soon hubby ! i will always Love you , thanks for all, thanks for everything you give ! i dont wanna let you go , and i dont wanna leave you !

All its because of you ! i have a lot of debt . im here for you ! im stand up for you ! my times my energy its all for you ! in the world i only have u , now, tommorow and forever !

thanks my sweety u are my best !

Kiss, love and hug

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