Kamis, 21 Juni 2012

Label for new Concept


salam Boom !

For new Concept all its gonna be change , Label design, Logo design, concept product, and Blogshop    will be change become www.boomboxcollection.com ! yeaayyy ... :)


the Content will be same ! but we use different domain .

our Label for id Card like (name card,brosur, etc)

our Bordir Label

And New Condition , For my Lovely Boom Customer, if u have collec 10 card u have save disc all product 20%, 20 Card Disc 30% , 50 Card u save 50% and 70 Card u get 1 Free Product !

Soooo,, Dont Throw away This Thanks Card :)

for reseller :
we accept franchise 
1. MIN. buy 3pc u save 20% , more than 3pc u save 30%
(Apply All Product)
2. Products that you sell brand is "Boombox Collection"
3.  For Retail send by email : boomboxcollection@gmail,com
Phone :082126922126 ( SMS ONLY)
Thanks For Attention and Support 
Salam Boom :)

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