Jumat, 16 Maret 2012

Recycle Denim Become Cute Bag ..

in my spare time I try to create something new from a recycle denim , namely a pair of denim that are small: '(, but I use it, how his pants so that more air can be a benefit ..yaayy! I have an idea .. which makes a simple but cute bag .. lets see tutorial .. :)

First , you put your recycle denim .. (your Fave color) and i Use Sky Blue denim :)

Items you need :
1. denim (your fave color)
2. Scissors
3. ruler
4.needle and yarn
5.some pin
6.acc (flow brooch by Boombox Collection)

Instructions :

1. Put your Denim and  denim cut to size you want, (length = 40 cm, width 20 cm) .. 
2.  Bottom sewing up neatly ..
3.  the remaining pieces of jeans, (length = 7cm, width = 30-40cm) for 3 pieces. then,braid the three pieces. (for strap) 
4. sewing into two side
5.  install zippers, a top cover bag

Give Zippers For your Safety Bag .. :)
6. Give Accessories Brooch  .. according to what you want... 

Brooch From Boombox Collection
Yaaayyy .. And Finnalyy ....

u can use from Hanging out with friend , Fammily 

Great !!! DAMN .... very casual .. :))

Try It Everyone . its very easy, very cute and very simple ..  
May Be Useful
Assalamualaikum :)

Boombox Collection 

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